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PS4 add ons?

Anyone know if this is even an option for the future? Do we have any add ons that I don't know about?
.... I have to admit, the devs do listen to reason, if not to the forums. Thank you for "nameplates", a welcome addition to immersion, as well as the text chat box for PS4, which only comes on the screen when I need it too, and helps this gameplay SO MUCH MORE then without it. THANK YOU for the additions. Very much appreciated.
  • Ayantir
    no addons for ps4
    no plans, except the zos ones (in options)
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  • ScottK1994
    If they were to put in a system where we could have addons they'd definitely be different from PC. I think they just need to implement the most popular add-ons, like WoW did with quest finder etc
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