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Looking for DC guild for PvP and Dungeons

Soul Shriven
Anyone got any active guilds going at the moment was a regular player but quit for a while and looking to come back had a vet 16 night blade and Templar and will be looking to get my sorc up the ranks would appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction UK based looking for UK gamers to play with

PSN is J0NZ_1988
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  • Serjustin19
    Hi. I am new at being guild leader. Trying though. I have an active guild. Very small though. Thsi is mostly mainly a PVP guild. Whose home base is located in Scourge PS4 EU. This campaign is boring to some.

    Almost all Daggerfall have left already. I created this guild to change that. I personally won't be concentrating on dungeons myself no offense. Scourge PS4 EU is my top priority at this time. But I am sure my members will be happy to join you in dungeons.

    Huge guild event will be coming on July 22. Will be held in Scourge. Open to all alliances.

    Here is the link. If your interested to join guild. Please let me know. :) I am still new at leader. But a full PvPer at heart.

    Also I play everyday and mostly all time. You are 9 hrs ahead of me. I live in America.

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  • Whiphid
    Drop me a message if you are interested in joining our (mainly DC) guild. It started as social/crafting guild, but we do PVE and PVP events in the weekends and there's often people available for grouping most days of the week. PSN = Whiphid
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  • Karldor
    lions of daggerfall would welcome you if interested
    PS4 EU
    DK-Breton Tank
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