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Australia lag

Is Australia not meant to play this game
  • corn-bread-69
    I getting so much frustration wit this game and the poor quality . I am a eso subscriber and dont know why .When i cant even play . It seems to be getting worse . I have the nbn here on the fastest package and it doesn't seem to matter how fast my net is it still lags like crazy its started out mainly in pvp but now is every where .Is there ever going to be a solution or just a broken game.
  • OldManJim
    My ping is generally around 250-300 & I'm on ADSL2. (SE Qld)

    PvE only, though. So no idea how it affects PvP.

    Also just realised this is on the PS4 threads, I'm on PC.
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  • disintegr8
    I do not believe it is anything to do with our local services but rather is game related. It got worse with the latest DLC so there is no way it can be anything other than game related.

    Ran a few 12 man trials for the first time over the last week and I was not the only one to suffer lag and freezing with the need to quit the application and restart it. Not sure if I was the only one in Australia in the group but at some stages we had up to 3 of us freeze and needing to restart the game.

    I access PS4 NA and only do PVE so not sure what effect it may have in PVP.
    Australian on PS4 NA server.
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  • Mojmir
    Sounds like a good band name or type or medicinal wacky tobaccy
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    Raising floors and lower ceilings by zos standards has created an iron maiden.
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  • AJ_1988
    I'm in Perth on xb1 EU I avg around 230 ping. Pve can be laggy as hell at times tho with the last patch last week I get next to no lag in pvp now
  • corn-bread-69
    AJ_1988 wrote: »
    I'm in Perth on xb1 EU I avg around 230 ping. Pve can be laggy as hell at times tho with the last patch last week I get next to no lag in pvp now

    Thks but that dont really help unless your trying to tell me to buy an xbox
  • outsideworld76
    Lag is huge right now. Totally unplayable on PS4 EU.
  • Roechacca
    We really need to pull that continent closer. I was thinking halfway between NY and London so the flights would be shorter.
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  • blackmamba24
    im running nbn 100mbps and the lag is crazy. the game itself is glitchy af. all my other Australia friends experience the same thing. yet when you report it they say its a problem at our end. i swear this game is broken af..
  • Volrion
    @blackmamba24 Right there with you man.

    They should of put a JPN server at launch for all of us in Asia/Oceana.

    At the very least create a p2p server for battlegrounds when/if it ever releases.

    At least then I can ping to a host a few Kms away rather than a few thousand.

    Latency, coupled with terrible coding and were pretty much *** in Aus/Asia.
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