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Tamriel Mercenarys are recruiting! All alliances welcome!

We are a newly formed guild. Fast growing, friendly and active. Daily activity from different countries to suit your time difference. We enjoy all social events such as Raids, Dungeons (Vet and non-Vet), farming, grinding and PvP and most of all we have a laugh doing so. Feel free to leave your PSN and I will add you ASAP! Or add me purdy1988 if you wish to do so.
  • all187
    Soul Shriven
    Hi please invite me. Psn id " all187 "
  • Paganism
    Soul Shriven
    Im intrested in joining, my PSN is HeresyUnleashed
  • Lucic17
    Hey guys i need an active quild where i can sell my stuff so i found this i would be happy if u invite me : )

    PSN: Takatukka_Jumala
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