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Looking for a home [DC]

hi all,
My valiant Templar (CP200) is looking for a mature and friendly guild. I'm in my late 30s and i'd rather play in an environment where I can find at least some other players of similar age.
The ideal guild has very little level of drama and nerd rage; also, it would be great if the average character wasn't called "12luv23" or anything similar....I still don't mind RPing if in the right mood!!

International guild? yes, not a problem as long as English is spoken
Powerful guild? I really don't care as long as there are enough decent people to play with
Focus? I don't really mind as long as I can find fellows to PvP with

well...let me know if we have a match!!
  • Jotunhiemr

    I am one of the leaders of The Runners Guild and I think we may be close to what you are looking for in guild possibly. We are a guild which is DC based but accept members from any alliance. We have a variety of members from across Europe and even a few from beyond though English is the main spoken language. Our members also vary in age which member both younger and older than what you stated so I am sure you can find somebody close to your age. We are a friendly sociable guild striding to help other complete content as well as just have a good time. We do both pve and pvp events and you can usually find somebody in cyrodil if you want to group though monday nights is the night we set aside for pvp. We also run trails twice a week on friday and sundays. We don't require anything from our members like a minimum damage output or certain activity level, all we ask is for people to be friendly and helpful.

    If you are interested in join or would like to find out more you can contact me ingame @RavenRanger or @Zesir0 & @PinduriBerkenye. We also have a website too which you can find at
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