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Please help me with the dodge roll issue!

I've tried posting this a couple of times already with no acknowledgement. This is a bug that makes pvp basically unplayable, giving me a massive disadvantage when fighting other players.

When I roll dodge, my character stops and blocks for a full second after getting up, stopping my stamina regeneration and slowing my character down to walking speed.

Please! Please help me, I've had this problem since launch and I'm fed up! This is making me want to quit this game, as I simply can't compete in pvp with this crushing disadvantage, and pvp is my passion when playing games like this. Please don't ignore me @ZOS_JessicaFolsom, I can even post a video of the issue taking place if that helps, I just want to know how to fix it since most people aren't plagued by this, only a handful.
  • jcroop9
    Try deleting the console ESO settings file. On PS4 it's <setting/system storage management/saved data/eso file> This will default your settings like screen brightness etc. But resolves issues a lot lately.

  • DannyLV702
    Have you tried playing in a low populated campaign? What you describe is almost inevitable if you're playing during prime time at the most popular campaign. We all hate it
  • Vaoh
    Not something you experience much except when you're in PvP-related lag situations.

    If on PS4 NA, stray from Scourge!
    Edited by Vaoh on July 7, 2016 9:55AM
  • Soneca798
    I tested this both in and out of pvp, it just affects me a lot more in pvp. I have tried one thing that almost fixed the issue for me, which was switching my L2 for my square, and for some reason it stops the one second block ***, but only when I am incredibly precise with the button presses. It's still annoying though... Gonna take a while to get used to the square button as my block.
  • Seratopia
    How new is your controller? Could it be the spring attached to L2 inside that could be a little broken?

    Might be a stupid question but have to rule everything out.
  • socivL
    i've been heavily contemplating your request all week since i've read you are having issues with dodge roll.
    a google search revealed this is likely working as intended.
    the correct method should be to:
    1. stop
    2. drop
    3. roll

    it seems rather unorthodox, but it does say this method saves lives.
    2 templars - 1 cup
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