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Looking for A Social Guild

I'm looking for a social guild that is currently looking for new members. Currently looking for a PvE guild that helps out all players. I'm also looking for a PvP guild that could teach me a thing or two. Please no douchbags.. :c
A Lonley NightBlade
PSN - OsckolarO
Mostly AD
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  • ConquerorsOfTamriel
    Hello, I'm running a new guild that is at the moment PVE but will be pvp once we gain more members. They're 3 people currently in the guild but we are advertising on multiple social media account's to gain more members fast. We have a group chat on an app called Kik just so we can communicate outside of the guild as well. Kik amd psn are Sappersteins if you're interested.
  • Syniister
  • shadelon
    The Airstrike - Flower Lady

    Champion 871 [Lv 50 Magward Healer, Lv 50 Stamward DPS, Lv 50 Warden Tank, Lv 50 MagWard DPS]

    Guild Master of the League of Assassins (check us out at
  • imnotanother
    PS4: NA - AD PSN: imnotanother (Artell Lyeselle)
    Stamina NightBlade 810+ CP - PvP/Trials/Dungeon Ready
  • Gracous
    We are Shadows of Eternal Night. We are everything that you described what you wanted in a guild and more. We are AD alliance. If you are interested in chatting with us to see what we are like then you can message Mercedes180 (guild master).
    Jamchurch3 (guild officer), Arcbow29 (guild officer) or myself (thoatin) guild lacky. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. The other option is to join our guild right away and then get a feel for who we are.
    We help people as much as we can in all aspects of the game (leveling, crafting, gear acquisition, trails, achievements and so on). I hope that you will consider us as one of your choices. Look forward to hearing from you.
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