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Looking for an EU Role-playing Guild

Soul Shriven
Hi, I have just returned to ESO after a very long break (just finished university) and am looking to start some new characters as I can't really remember how to play the game, and a lot has changed since I last played. I am looking to do things a little differently this time and try RP'ing a character, not sure which faction yet, and was curious as to any RP guilds that are available? Or if anyone wants to just add me for some RP questing I'm good with that too.

Many Thanks
  • Cloudless
    Hi there :)

    Check out if you're in the Pact, or for the Covenant (for some reason the Covenant seems to be where most roleplayers are in Europe, don't ask why). There's an AD-RP guild too, but I'm afraid they have no active website yet. You should be able to find informations about other guilds affiliated with stormrp and eprp on their websites.
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