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A Suggestion for If Class Changes Come

With race, name, and appearance changes coming to the live servers in a while, people are still wondering if we will ever get class changes.

I would like to suggest a token purchased from the Crown Store, much like the other changes. However, this token is more expensive than the others, as it does much more. The Class Change token can be used in the character selection screen. When you select a character whose class you want to change and which ever class you want, you will be refunded all skill points and brought to the character in game. Non-class skills like weapons, crafting, guilds, world, and whatnot will still have all the same levels as before the class change. However, the three class skill lines will be at 1, much like starting a new character but without having to grind that character. If your character is high level, say past level 50 and over 160 champion points, leveling these will be a breeze.
Attribute points remain the same.
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For the love of Kyne, buff sorc.

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  • altemriel
    this question was answered on Eso Life long time ago, there are not planning to introduce class change at all. race, appearance, name yes, class nope...
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