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Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I am torn between three choices for the race change coming up. I have a Magicka Imperial Templar, that I'm using to tank at the moment, but I'm deciding now if I should leave him Imperial or switch to breton or argonian.

Staying Imperial would cost less money, and is not a bad tank at all.

A Breton could switch great between healer and tank but also do decent dps.

Argonians are soon to be the strongest healers in the game.

I am torn between these three decisions. Do I keep tanking (Imperial), become a healer (Argonian), or go right down the middle (Breton).
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Nintendo: CypherG87
  • cjhhickman39
    Going halfway almost always disappoints,healer or tank your best options. For trying something new the healer would be best because of the passive changes
  • GCypher87
    That's what I was thinking to. But after I lined up all the racial benefits I'm starting to think that Breton would make a better magicka tank than Imperial. Imperial Max Health, and Stam. But the Red Diamond wont do much for me because I'll hardly be melee attacking. Granted max health and stam are valuable. With Breton I'd get max mag, mag cost reduction, and spell resistance. All of which are valuable. Still a toss up though.
    XBox and PSN: GCypher87
    Nintendo: CypherG87
  • rrico_76
    I made some alts for testing them and you know what? I play three of them, exactly the roles you wandering of. And I thing it was worth to stay these chars alive.
    So - take three of them and play everyone in different style.
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