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field of view help

today when I came out of first person for fishing my field of view had changed dramatically. I'm not sure if there are controls in the controller that cause this but now the camera in third person has my character dead center in the screen from her waist up and I can't see much beyond her and nothing behind her. Before, I could see her whole body and well around her. it's like it has zoomed in on her and I can't do battles like this. Is there a way to change this? I don't understand why it suddenly changed but its never been like this before. I tried making the max setting in settings and it changes them when I do that but as soon as I leave the menu it jumps back to right on top of her.
  • CombatPrayer
    I could swear when I checked it to try to change the number was 250 but now it's 130. Like it is half what it was.

    This is how close she is.... which is way way too close


  • AlphaCrucis
    For PS4 hold down on the D pad and use the right joy stick to zoom in and out
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  • CombatPrayer
    I use a controller so that might work. Thanks!
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