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Looking for morning guild

Hi everyone
On EU Ps4 AD
Job wise I work mainly at night and I was looking for an active guild during the mornings that I could join to do some content
  • Curragraigue
    You should try in the PS4 EU recruitment section of the forum. This area is meant for discussion of PvE issues in the AD zones. Good luck.
    PUG Life - the true test of your skill

    18 characters, 17 max level, at least 1 Stam and 1 Mag of every class, 1 of every race and 1200+ CP

    Tanked to Undaunted 9+ Mag and Stam of every class using Group Finder for 90+% of the Vet Dungeon runs
  • rpfc1009
    Will do, sorry
  • AlphaCrucis
    You need us guys in Australia to play with, too bad you're on EU, if you were on NA i coukd have helped you out
    Australian, Aldmeri Dominion
    Altmer, Dragonknight (mag), Damage Dealer
    Brenton, Templar, Healer
    Bosmer, Nightblade (stam), Damage Dealer, PvP
    PS4, NA Server
    Guild Member Of: Brotherhood of Bogans
  • rpfc1009
    Hi Alpha,

    Actually thought about creating a char in the NA server, but then discovered that all the dlc I bought already won't be transferable to the NA server.
    Not ready to start from scratch, just the idea to re research all the traits...
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