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[PC|EU|AD] Look for guild

Soul Shriven
Hi all!

Me and a friend of mine come back to Tamriel after a year... we left due to the lack of a solid group of adventures so we'd like to find a nice guild to recover the lost time, find a nice group whereby do dungeons, trials, pvp... find a guild, I mean!

We cannot promise to be always logged in - we have an age xD - but we can assure to be present in scheduled events.

If you need a dd-tank sorc and a dd nightblade, whistle us!

We played many mmo so we know the audiochat (we discovered Discord <3 ), the applications and so on :p we play in CET-time zone.
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  • Mystics
    *** whistles *** :)

    Check out our thread and drop me a line if interested.

    GM @Mystics = all round Guild with large player base (~475 members)
    Admin @Equalisers = PvP Guild (AD alliance)
    Admin @Dragons of the Targaryens = Trials Guild
  • Gandamir
    First Kohort would welcome you with open arms. Feel free to message me in game (@Gandamir) for an invite to join.

    We don't do scheduled runs yet, but we gather groups based on whomever is online at the time for Dungeons (Random/Silver/Gold), Trials, as well as some PvP. Team Speak is available for voice comms, both social and activities.
  • JasminaChillibeaner
    Hi Valoryan!

    I'm a co-leader of The Adventurers League, we're a large multi-alliance guild who run most of our events on EP (until One Tamriel goes live).
    We secure good traders each week, have a full calendar of group events and our chat is active, friendly and helpful.
    If you'd like to join please message me ingame, my UserID is @JasminaChillibeaner.

    See you around Tamriel!
    Leader of Constellation
    PvE Templar Healer and Achievement Hunter
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