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How come the dungeon finder stopped working after the Assassins Guild expansion?

Before the expansion I could usually get dungeon runs from dungeon finder in minutes. Now I can only get one roughly once a day, and it's always banished cell.
  • Mr.knott
    Your lucky to get that one! Unfortunately the friends I had that I used to the dailys and world bosses etc with everyday have decided to unsubscribe from plus and hang the game up as they are all finding it basically impossible to do anything because of the frame rate and lag issues.
    I tried activity finder everyday this week for hours and never found a single group. It really feels like the games dying and that's sad because IMHO it has such potential and I personally have loved it since pc beta!

    Why oh why didn't I stay on the pc version.... If only I could go back... Oh wait pc versions almost exactly the same I hear? Lol
  • wayfarerx
    Mr.knott wrote: »
    Why oh why didn't I stay on the pc version.... If only I could go back... Oh wait pc versions almost exactly the same I hear? Lol

    Performance seems to be better on PC from what I hear about console, but our group finder is just as borked as yours.
    @wayfarerx - PC / North America / Aldmeri Dominion
  • Mr.knott
    Yeah console is bad, I see they acknowledged A problem on xbox but the list is endless on both. For me personally other than running around gathering resources in quite areas it's pretty much unplayable. The lag around 2 people is bad, the moment theres more than that and people started spamming aoes... Hello crash to homescreen!!

    For a while there though in between orsinium and TG the group finder actually worked pretty well on ps4, not really sure what changed but it's pointless even trying now!
  • Dekaida
    I usually play a tank or healer, so I generally got into runs quickly all the way through TG. The lag has definitely increased. I used to lag only around the Undaunted areas because they are always overloaded. Since AG I lag if I look into a long expanse, or go to Coldharbor, let alone go near Wayrest.
  • disintegr8
    I am now stuck leveling alts the hard way, grinding through the story line, instead of getting XP bonuses from daily randoms through group finder. :(
    Australian on PS4 NA server.
    Everyone's entitled to an opinion.
  • Reekes
    I've just come back to the game since the recent update and the group finder hasn't popped for me once yet? Healer as well.

    Come on please fix
  • Soulgirl
    Healer here too. Having same problem.
    No group pops up no matter how long I wait. :(
    PC player on EU server.
  • loldelboy
    Soul Shriven
    It worked yesterday morning (10am GMT+1) for about 2 hours for me, worked perfectly and managed to do about 3 dungeons, instantly finding a group as a DPS. Then all of a sudden back to square 1, broke again. PLEASE GET THIS FIXED ASAP!
  • orlan
    You do seem to get a random dungeon using finding a group in the morning ok i've noticed that, but when it comes to the evening time you can forget it, i'm also a healer templar, i've waited around 30mins before nothing came up, god help the dps in the evening trying to get a dungeon.
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