Help with orc skin tone

Hey guys, please sorry for my bad english.

I have been trying for the past days to create a green orc but I cant. And the 3 max delete didnt help much either so I cant test all the skin tones myself.

I know it sounds silly, but the character creation lighting dont help me at all, everything looks like gray and I cant get the right tone and it is starting to frustrate me. Also when I get something that looks "good" on the character creation it doesnt look the same when it is actually in game.

I tried to change the gamma settings to see if I could realize better wich one is the correct tone, but I didnt had luck with it.

This is what I am trying to get, is the green tone that you can see on most of the orc npc:

So if anybody have some free time to give me a hand with this I will really appreciate.
I did some searchs but couldnt find anything on the matter just other people asking similar questions, and this was my last resource.

So thank a lot for your time :)
  • Locksheon
    I just went into the character creator, and yeah, I see your problem. It appears most of the colors are gray based. Nothing I tried would get me that green color either. Even if I put them in game and into the sunlight, they all still looked gray.
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