Westrest Sewers. Wow!

Anyone else experiencing the worst lag in history in the daily today - Wayrest Sewers?
  • Mefromnorway
    its lag evrywhere, evrything load so slow, when u try to do example new dlc dark brotherhood and u try to sneak around and u dont ssee people in room and u got a bounty, like game is now its nor playable dont see point in play when u cant do what point is to do in missions
    Have fun and dont be rude. Im Norwegian so im sorry for my spelling, but hope u understand.

    Grand Master Crafter.
    5 chars full 9 traiter.
    3 chars Flawless
    2 chars Stormproof.

    Total 13 chars, evryone got full gold armor both roles.

    PS5 Europe.
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