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Roleplaying a Dragonknight's Abilities?

Can anyone explain or point me to more information about where a Dragonknight's abilites come from?
When making my Imperial character, I chose Dragonknight bc I was looking for a less magically inclined character, but now I'm growing spikes from my body and breathing fire, and I have no explaination for this power.

I've tinkered with the idea of being a "Vestige" means I'm altered by daedra magic, but I'm still not sure I understand creatia and azure plasm... I'm definetly making a thread on that later...

Thanks guys!
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  • Locksheon
    Thank you!
    Those were very helpful!
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  • notimetocare
    Ive hit this topic dozens of times with fuildies and randoms: your beat bet is to NOT rp deing a dragonknight. All of a DKs magic can be classified into schools of magic with a stylish flare. Equally, none of your characters magic has to be IC. IC skill vs OOC. I have myself, and a few others, played classes different IC than what we were OOC.

    Dragonknight, unlike the other classes, has no apearance in lore outside of ESO. And it's more in ESO is weak at best. (I dont count the dragonguard from sp tes games as Dragonknight as yet are never trying to immitate a dragon.

    Define your IC class more like the singlr player games, its more true to an IC way one would clasify their own profession. (Which is what class really is in the end, a combat profession )
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