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Gave up trying to make a Dunmer

I've tried creating a handsome male Dunmer many times now. Only to have them exit the little house in Davon's Watch looking less than stellar. As everyone knows, the lighting in the creation screen is pretty bad. But some of the NPCs though look half-way decent. Is there any site that provides slider stats to work off of?
  • CirithValaria
    Handsome is of course a matter of taste, but I'm quite happy with mine and I can promise u can make a beautiful/handsome Dunmer (goes with every race/gender) :
    (gotta use old pictures, since facial expressions are laggy atm and everyone looks grumpy)




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  • DannyLV702
    You know how I fixed my problem? I always wear a Breton hood with the face mask lol. Although I recently upgraded all my gear and now I cover my ugliness with a dwemer mask hahaha.
  • Totalitarian
    For me, I have an Altmer who looks horrible on the character selection screen, but in game, she looks amazing.
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  • Wanpe
    As someone who has spent much time creating female characters, I can only tell you will not find any pages to help you. Everything is based on trial and error. It is true that does not help the difference between the screen of creation and the end result in the game. I lost literally weeks searching for something I liked.It depends on the physical characteristics that you like and time you are willing to lose until you find what you are looking for.

    When you try several times you will see that it will become increasingly easy going distinguishing what works for you and what does not. Do not be afraid to try extreme, it is often what works best. For the occasion I created my first male character: a dark elf. Hope this can help you.

    See you in Tamriel ;)



  • Bebopgroove
    I took a stab and created a male Dunmer who seems ok right now, I'll post pics tomorrow.
  • WreckfulAbandon
    If there was a contest for which race could look the most metal, Dunmer would win flat out.
    PC NA

    All my comments are regarding PvP
  • PrinceBoru
    Here is my new storage alt.
    Her name is Rose.
    I think she's a hot Dunmer.
    She is a hot Dunmer.
    Because, y'know, the whole flame talent passive.

    It ain't easy being green.
  • Vanady
    Dunmers are actually supposed to be ugly.

    Though my female dark elf looks pretty. I'm sure you can make a good looking male dunmer too. ^^

    Edited by Vanady on December 11, 2015 6:47AM
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  • Circuitica
    Circu already appears on @CirithValaria 's post but I want to show her off a little bit more.

    For me many female Dunmers look somewhat angry or bored. I wanted to create a cute one. She's my first main character in the game and I'm quite happy with her looks.

    15.jpg 86.4K
    That's what a dose of reality does for you. Never touch the stuff myself.

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  • SlayerSyrena
    Dunmer, ugly? No way! I love how my Dunmer looks. (My character, Valmion Hlaalu on the left with the Magistrix, played by Sebaya, on the right.)

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    Solus Lighthawke - Altmer DK Tank- Sword n' Board and Greatsword
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    Ashiran Zahuluu - Dunmer Stam Sorc - Dual Wield Blades and Bow
    Aldmeri Dominion
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    Daggerfall Covenant
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  • MarrazzMist
    For me, I have an Altmer who looks horrible on the character selection screen, but in game, she looks amazing.

    I have similar issue with my brand new nord. Every time in character selection I wonder, how on earth I made her look like THAT. Then in game she looks just like I wanted her to.
  • Bebopgroove
    Aww, back before clothing was altered. Dammit Zenimax, why did you do this?
  • ArchMikem
    Eh. Like others say, it's about taste.

    Every single Dark Elf I've seen looks ugly and evil to me.
    CP1,500+ Master Explorer - AvA August Palatine - Console Peasant
  • waterfairy
    I made a Dunmer once, she got caught trying to steal some clothes and racked up such a noobish bounty that I said screw it and deleted her...RIP half naked nameless Dunmer girl
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