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Soul Shriven
Our backstory

The bloodied banners clan was created somewhere in the first era by a powerful nordic warrior. He wanted to make gold by helping people, sadly this particular task would be impossible to complete by himself. With this insight he decided to create the bloodied banners clan. At first it was him and his two brothers, but the clan would grow and soon it was one of the most well respected clans in skyrim. Sadly, disputes started to hinder the clan to perform, and it destroyed itself from the inside. The clan broke up into two seperate clans, one called the dark ra-gada and the other stayed true to the name.

The bloodied banners decided that it would for the best to abandon skyrim and then set sail for hew's bane, they did this hoping that the clan would be at it's strongest over there. The dark ra-gada was never seen or heard from ever again. As the banners arrived in hew's bane, they looked around themselfs and saw oppurtinity, the current leader got the clan it's own place that they could call home. As the clan grew in hew's bane the fortune would rise along with it, and the clan would be looked upon as a clan for heroes, when in the end. You kill someone and get a pouch of gold for it.

One day, a member of the clan got a rather strange job. He was sent out to rescue someones lost cat, the man did not refuse this job since the contract would pay him a lot of gold. The cats tracks lead him to an abandoned cave, he would enter the cave and search for the cat. As he treaded deeper and deeper he would notice a strange blue light emerging from within the cave. He would stumble upon a sword resting on a table, the cat was just sitting there, sitting on the blade. The man approached and grabbed the cat, he took the sword and left the cave. This sword was not like any other sword, it was sharper and lighter than any other. The next day he got another contract, he was to slay some bandits. he decided to bring the sword with him, as he attacked the bandits the sword would shake, and as he slashed with it a giant red spell would be casted out of the sword, it killed the three bandits instantly.

The news of this sword would reach the clan leader's two ears, and he decided to he take the sword away from the original owner. Sadly, he would be blinded by it's magic. He left hew's bane and set sail for high rock. But as he left the border of hammerfell, the sword would turn to sand in his hands and it would never be seen again. The new's about the sword would spread around the clan and beyond them. The dark ra-gada was still thriving on simple noticeboard jobs when they heard about the sword. They looked for the banners and decided to whipe them out and search for the sword. This sparked a war between the two clans, a race for this sword has now been initiated. Years later a man named Sinned was born. He was the son of the banners current leader. Sinned got a mission from his father to restore the clan to it's former glory in skyrim, and Sinned had no other choice, but to accept. The clan is now in skyrim and once again recruiting, join our ranks and take part of the fortune that the clan has to offer. Take on jobs and complete them like a true mercenary. Paint it red!

About us
Bloodied banners clan is a heavy roleplaying guild that has main focus on gamemastered events, but we also have our story events aswell as personal story events. Personal story events are created by the members. The bloodied banners is a mecenary clan that has dedicated roleplayers amongst it's ranks. We are looking for more roleplayers that see their character fit within the clan. If you are looking for a friendly rp guild, this is the guild for you.

If you want more information, please message me ing @Sinned_Windstrong

Link to our forums:
Paint it red!
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  • Denniscoolb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Update: Banners have moved to Fort Arand in stonefalls. We have now over 50 members and active RP everyday.
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