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Vicecanon of Venom

Hello. Does anny one know where i can buy Vicecanon of Venom??
I looked at all "wepond seller" in imperial city and cant find it :p
  • Panth141
    Tel Var Armorers / Greater Armorers, with the rest of them, I would expect
    PS4 EU - Panth141 | CP 630+
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    Lost Hope of Sotha Sil - Magicka Dragonknight - PvP Main
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    Nocturnal's Guise - Magicka Nightblade - PvE DPS
    Udun - Magicka Templar - PvP Healer
    Onsi's Shattered Blade - Stamina Sorcerer - Dungeon/vMA Farmer
    Stands-like-Mountains - Magicka Nightblade - PvE Saptank
    Auri-El's Forgotten Light - Magicka Sorcerer - PvP DPS

    Tharkün - Magicka Sorcerer - PvE DPS
    Rahai-Anaa - Stamina Dragonknight - Provisioner (lol)

    Perolis - Magicka Sorcerer - Enchanter/Alchemist/BwB PvP

  • pureqw
    Well i looked at all seller in sewer so no:/
  • Brrrofski
    pureqw wrote: »
    Well i looked at all seller in sewer so no:/

    It's from a random box that drops a few sets I think
  • pureqw
    Ahh is says its a tel vare stone set so:p
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