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LFGuild - ps4 | NA | DC | Large scale pvp

Soul Shriven
Looking for guild on ps4 NA server that does large scale Cyrodiil events!

Prefer primetime US and weekdays, but looking for a guild that has good presence even not during official events.

I'm VR16, gold gear, healer, dps, or tank. Prefer healer in cyrodiil. Have a few friends that would join too.

PSN: JimboNumbers
  • SPE825
    I'm beginning to wonder if people interested in PvP/PvE are going to just have to form new guilds. Most of the guilds here seem to be trade guilds. I want to start getting into PvP and more easily find groups for PvE, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of coordination for that here on the ESO forums.
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