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Do Marksman and Vicecanon of Venom set 5-piece bonus affect light/heavy attacks?

Sure, I could test this -- but it would be expensive if the answer is "no." Just wondering: does anybody know whether the 5-piece bonuses for the Marksman and Vicecanon of Venom sets (5% damage bonus on bow abilities) apply only to the weapon skills such as snipe, venom arrow, etc.? Or does it also apply to light/heavy attacks with bows?

If they bonuses do affect light/heavy attacks, I have an intriguing build to try out...
  • Asharin
    If you don't get an answer on this, I'll try and test it when the servers are up...can only test Marksman though.
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    Vicecanon worked with heavy attacks on pts.
  • Delegator
    FWIW, I am now running 5-piece Marksman (bow + 4 armor) + 5-piece Hawk's Eye (3 armor + 2 rings), and the bonuses (both cost reduction and damage) stack. And it rocks.

    The only improvement I plan on making is to get a pair of Malestrom Bows and replace what is currently a random purple pendant with a Marksman one.

    Anyway, it's a really nice set-up for an all-bow build, and thus far very effective.
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