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Trapping Webs- Is it broken?

I decided to try this out from the Undaunted line, as my dunmer character is based on a drow rp character of mine and, well, spider webs. But unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. I fling some webs at them, and there's a splotch on the ground, but the enemies don't seem to be affected at all.
Rune Fell- Dunmer Mag Sorcerer (DC)~The Adventurer
Runed Claws- Khajiit Stam Dragonknight (DC) ~The Tank
Rain Fell- Argonian Mag Templar (EP)~ The Healer
Dragon Talon- Bosmer Stam Nightblade (AD) ~ The DPS

  • Gorthax
    welcome to my life, I tried this skill but it just seems.....meh. Not as neat as I wanted it to be with the combo I had in mind. Time to try something else I suppose I noticed NO snaring effect
  • EnOeZ
    In my case, I do not know why but in Cyrodil, it seems that no one cares about that spider web synergy... I have still to see (or notice ?) the greater spiders after like 20 tries with (apparently) no one pushing "X" :'(
  • Aceit
    I think the web should be a root instead of a snare. Currently this ability is very meh.
    Edited by Aceit on January 5, 2015 7:40AM
  • SilentFox22
    This ability is still not working.
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