Given the recent cheats getting exposed...

I think it's fair to say that everyone who has ever killed me is a dirty cheater and that I am now, indisputably, the best player in this game. I want to give each of you the opportunity to acknowledge this and repent for your sins.

There's no way you can prove otherwise. I have reset my kill counter death count back to zero to account for this.
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Flapjack Palmdale

Given the recent cheats getting exposed... 33 votes

krathos is the best player in the game
k9mouseMJWesslingb14_ESOMawhonic1990MuizerKenaPKKNiclasFridholmRin_SenyaMaster_KaskrathosProsperingTheMrAfricaFather_X_ZombieAnkael07TooskSGSkyyMyrcyoutsideworld76AzuretheMarquekinggingernator 20 votes
i am a cheater
The_Great_MaldiniScamandrosMorostyleDisgracefulMindIyasstewie_801Hyssiamchermieku5hAsmaelJaybe_MawfakaAeremWrecking_Blow_Spam 13 votes
  • k9mouse
    krathos is the best player in the game
    ... only on Tuesdays :p
  • Azurethe
    krathos is the best player in the game
    Obv the best player in the game
    Former K-Hole

    Full Metal Carebears
  • ColoursYouHave
    Wrong, you were cheating and I wasn't, so I am indisputably the best player in the game.
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  • Jaybe_Mawfaka
    i am a cheater
    Krazzt Blackheart - The One And Only
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  • Farorin
    But like, there is no third option for those of us that feel like maybe Farorin is the best player in the game considering chances are everyone whoever killed me is actually a cheater.
  • krathos
    krathos is the best player in the game
    Jordaen wrote: »
    who r u

    krathos, the unknown.
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    Flapjack Palmdale
  • outsideworld76
    krathos is the best player in the game
    I cheat dead every day Cyrodiil, however hope I don't run into you, will be my doom :smiley:
  • Hyssia
    i am a cheater
    who is grahtos

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  • Father_X_Zombie
    krathos is the best player in the game
    Said no one ever :p
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  • Asmael
    i am a cheater
    That's what a lot of peeps told me, so that must be true.
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  • therobster104_ESO
    No idea who you are.
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