ZOS- Its time to for a Real Client Side Anti-Cheat with Memeory Scanning Capabilities

  • SirAndy
    I wrote a very long detailed post about how UDP could cut overhead in this game in half simply due to less packets to process.

    Less packet overhead, no handshake, compact data structures, less packets needed, laggy clients don't slow down the server and thus other players.

    Then add client and server side prediction, server side only decision and voila, you got some pretty nice netcode.
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  • Docmandu
    SirAndy wrote: »
    Docmandu wrote: »
    Lol... amusing.. but please next time refrain from giving remarks like this, clearly shows you don't really know what you're saying here. TCP or UDP or SCTP or any other network protocol has nothing to-do with server side validation.
    Actually, i does.

    I worked on several game engines and very high traffic enterprise level client/server systems. There are many advantages of using UDP over TCP that can actually help a lot to improve the performance of such a system.

    Which still has nothing to do with the ability to do server side checks.
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