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Souls of Fate Seeking New Members - PvE Guild [EP][18+]



Name: Souls of Fate
Alliance: The Ebonheart Pact
Campaign: Trueflame (currently)
Main Timezone: US Eastern Time (EST) (players from other TZs always welcome)
Guild Focus: Casual PvE + PvP; creating a fun, social community!
Guild Leader: @Gamerratic
Community Website:
Voice: Teamspeak 3 (strongly encouraged!)

What is Souls of Fate?

Souls of Fate is a multi-game community actively establishing a guild in the Ebonheart Pact. Our ambition is to steadily increase our membership and provide a digital home away from home for our members. Our primary goal is to provide a FUN, MATURE...and yes, sometimes downright SILLY...gaming atmosphere for all players that seek one. You’ll find that some of our members have been part of the Souls of Fate community for years with a majority having been gaming together for even longer. Our camaraderie and passion for gaming creates a great escape from real life and makes Souls of Fate appealing to friends, family, couples, hardcore gamers, casual gamers, and noobs alike.

So if you want to get the most out of your ESO and community, be it solo, grouped, PvE, PvP, dungeon, crafting, noob, casual, or veteran...come join the Souls of Fate family.

What can Souls offer you?

Although we may have a small roster currently, Souls of Fate has several CRAFTERS with 8 or more traits in Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Clothing. Moreover, they are always willing to craft gear for fellow guild members, typically at a reduced crafting rate (many times free!). Max level Alchemists, Provisioners, and Enchanters are on hand as well, for all your gear and item boosting needs.

Many of our members have raiding backgrounds and are always looking to run DUNGEONS, DAILIES, and PLEDGES. Currently, SOF does not have a formal Trial team, but is in the process of establishing one to run on the weekends. For PvP, we call Trueflame home and our goals are simple. No pressure. No ridicule. No elitism. Kill, get killed, rez and try again!

Most importantly, Souls of Fate is a FAMILY that wants to provide a fun and friendly community for its members. Our officers and senior members are always willing to answer questions, provide advice, or help members stuck on difficult content. Our website is constantly being updated to provide helpful information, so applying/signing-up is advantageous. PS...don’t be shy! Our Teamspeak is always alive with laughter, jokes, and good times. If you are may even catch a glimpse of the oldest man in the world...our own resident Drivan!

How do I join Souls of Fate?

Joining Souls of Fate is easy. You can contact the following players in-game for an invite: @Gamerratic, @Drivan, @Kalvarius, @Kobor701. can simply apply online on our website:

Stay safe out there!
  • Drivan
    Souls of Fate is still in the hunt for folks who are looking for a fun guild.
    We have many crafters willing to make you gear help you get the edge you are looking for.

    Come see how FUN being a member of Souls of Fate can be!
  • Drivan
    Looking for some folks to join our Saturday Imp City/Guild event group. If you are interested in an active guild running different content most every night come give SoF a try!
  • Drivan
    Souls of Fate is a very social and friendly guild looking to add some more friends to our ranks!

    If you like to chat in TeamSpeak while adventuring through Tamriel look us up and give us a shout. Our contact info can be found in the post above.

  • Drivan
    We are a very active and social guild, we like to hang out in TS while we run Pledges, random dungeons, quest and level. If you are a social player who likes to be involved with all of the activity that this game offers Get a hold of someone in Souls of Fate today!
  • Drivan
    SoF is still looking for social players who wanna jump in TS and play some ESO.

    Look us up in game or on our guild website
  • Drivan
    Are you looking for a guild with great people and a lot of fun? Then come look at Souls of Fate

    We would love to get more players questing through Tamriel with us, so come check us out! If we look like the kind of Guild you are interested in, let us know!

    You can contact @Drivan or @Gamerratic in game or on our Guild website.

    Happy Hunting.
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