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Why does my game crash in maelstrom arena?

I keep crashing at maelstrom arena. The final boss of the rink of frozen blood and bosses like the ash titan make my game crash several times. Every time i do the maelstrom arena i crash 2 times on average the whole run. I have contacted ps4 support, but they told me that its connection related. I know for a fact it isnt connection related because i only crash on places wheres no pvp lagg or whats so ever.

Please dont tell me that i have to contact PS4 support again, because i'm pretty sure there is something wrong with maelstrom arena. Can someone from zenimax help me with this problem?
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PS4 EU (The server which has the most problems)
  • outsideworld76
    Blue screens seem to be happening to me only in Cyrodiil. Just after the TG dlc had some issues with screen freeze in Wrothgar but this issue seems to be solved since the no longer occur.

    Disconnects can still occur, mostly starting with an increase in lag, freezing up of the players around me, skills that will not work (only light and heavy attacks animation). Recently even experienced teleportation to a former location (and ending mutilated in the wall).

    And you know what? ZoS wil probably advice you to reset your router :smiley:

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