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32bit vs 64bit

constant crashes vs constant audio bugs that scare the *** out of you
Ebonheart Pact - North American Server
  • Zoltan_117
    It is a good point, I have had some very severe audio bugs.
  • ZOS_DaryaK
    We're moving this to the PC support forum
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  • Ourorboros
    I've been running 64-bit since it was released. It was horrible to begin, but has steadily improved. It seems the better choice right now. About the only issue is occasional weird sounds, distorted sounds, other audio issues. While my PVP group complains about lag, and there are frequent comments of 'there goes the sound' during large engagements, I find the lag is not as bad, and I don't lose the sound at all. That seems a fair trade-off for some audio bugs.
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  • Turelus
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    I want to use the 64bit but still suffer audio hissing and random music cuts which kind of kills any (dare I say it) immersion in my gaming.

    I'm hoping for a fix soon but it's been a couple of months or more now and it's sadly in this state still.
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  • sirrmattus
    well. im gona try doing vma on 64 bit now see how it goes
    Ebonheart Pact - North American Server
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