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[Xbox NA] Toon Not Able to Log In

I am still unable to log into certain characters on the Xbox NA server. My main/crafter was left in Imperial City and still gets the load screen of death at the character selection.
  • waterfairy
    There's several threads about this yet no action being taken to correct their mistake yesterday. At this rate we'll miss the limited time senche window as we won't be able to load the game to buy it. :|
  • elium85
    Well, I posted in the support forums about it but have little faith it will be addressed soon.
  • SolarCat02
    My husband was able to log in and rescue my character stuck in Grahtwood, so you may be able to log in during a lower volume time.

    I would also post your character information in the thread for Xbox technical issues. I think it's pinned.
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  • ZOS_DaryaK
    We are investigating this issue. Please add your information to this thread, which is also where we will post updates when available.
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