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Onedrive issues

Hello everyone!

I recently got my laptop fixed and had to reinstall ESO,
Now after I was I done installing the complete game (took me 6 hours on a 100 Mb connection) My addons did not work, I reinstalled Minion but to no avail. After messing around a bit, I found out that my Elder Scrolls Online > liveeu was actually put in Onedrive instead of my local document and settings, which in itself is not a problem, it's just screenshot and addons and my user config.

But the problem here is that I really really really do not want my eso stuff in my one drive , the storage is limited and it makes certain things less accessible , I only got my Addons working due to a work around and changing the standard file location to my local machine, but nonetheless even after copying the complete Liveeu stuff, launching the game puts all settings and folders back into one drive.

Is there a way to tell ESO that that location should not be accessible any longer and make the location for screens and user settings on my local machine instead of Onedrive, I really do not want to reinstall this game.
  • RinaldoGandolphi

    There are two ways of changing One drive's default behavior of saving all your stuff to it, to makign it save everything locally by default.

    if you have a Professional or Enterprise version of Windows, using the Group Policy object via GPEDIT.MSC is very easy, if not the Registry change will do the same thing...after both changes reboot the computer, copy your ESO files from the One Drive to your local My Documents folder, and game on. :)
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