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Fighter's guild progression problems

So my fighters guild skill seems to be stuck. My character is a level 30 dunmer dk on the daggerfall covenant, but my fighters guild skill line is stuck at 2. I have completed all of the dolmens and world bosses, and currently I am in shornhelm. My skill bar is literally maxed out, like it is about to level up, but nothing is making it level up. Anyone have any ideas?
  • Alpharos7
    I should have provided more information. I am currently trying to get Bera Moorsmith to appear to give me the third quest, but that will not happen unless I level up, which appears to be stuck. I have tried placing my only fighters guild skill on my skill bar, and whilst that has levelled up, my fighters guild rank has not. I have a separate, level 31 character whose is at fighters guild levels 4 and a half, which makes me wonder how long my skill has not been progressing.
  • Hibbou
    You need to kill a few undead/daedra/werewolves and vampires, they give you fighters guild points
  • emily3989
    Along with fighter guild quests, do all the dolmen and delves in each zone, should be enough xp to lvl the guild skill line.
    Thasi - V16 Magblade Vampire PC/NA
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