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Looking for Werewolf RP Guild on Xbox EU DC.

Hi im looking for a Werewolf RP Guild on the xbox one EU DC.
Are there any guild stil recruting?
Edited by shadow071179 on May 16, 2016 10:52AM
  • shadow071179
    Are there anny Werewolf Clans out there?
  • Bonzodog01
    I have found the XBox EU servers to be depressingly void of any kind of RP guilds. DC especially is absolutely full of PvP'ers, and the 3 largest guilds are all PvP-centric. I have a feeling this permeates the other factions as well, and the guilds I have been in and out of are very small, and loosely held together. Also the EU servers have a really casual audience, and average playtime of most people is about 3 months. I have been in game since just after console opened, and I have seen SO many guilds come and go.

    I have my own guild sitting on the back-burner right now, and I am pondering about how to recruit for it. It is/will be mostly Lore/RP/Exploration centric, and is called The Scholars of Dusk. Its more for completionists and explorers that like voice chat, and people that want to really roam tamriel in its fullest form. I am hoping I can expand it out so we can take out parts of Azura's Star PvP Campaign as and when we need to, to get the cyrodiil PvE things done.
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