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Guild traders being sold for real money... Zenimax, can we do something about this?

  • Rittings
    I think this concept goes hand in hand with the uprising of guilds that are financed with gold made from the recently fixed crafting writ glitch. It is what it is. Just assume the big money in the game is corrupt- just like real life, lol.

    Everyone wants to be a chief and there just aren't that many popular stalls. It's harder to be a follower than a leader.

    That being said, Zenimax can only go so far with figuring things out. They have no access to ebay or social media which would allow them to see the person who actually made the transaction. They're ZOS- not the CIA. I buy guild traders for 100 gold if I miss my bid and find an unclaimed one. How the heck would I know if I accidently stumbled on a disbanded one and scooped it up? Then I can end up with my little guild reported by a Witch Hunter?

    "How do you know she's a witch? - She looks like one!" It's all a bit Monty Python to me. Let's just find out who weighs the same as a duck and get it over with.

    I gave them a solution. When a trader bid is won, it's won for the entire week. Disbanding the guild would just leave the trader unclaimed for the week. That means dummy guilds would become useless, and the problem is solved. I'm not just here to push problems, I'm also here to offer viable solutions.

    I'm not necessarily witch-hunting the guild that purchased the trader either - I'm here to show who is actually making tax-free money on the backs of OUR investment in this game. We should all be infuriated that someone is taking money directly out of your pocket...
  • VampiricByNature
    They aren't taking any money out of my pocket. I'm confused about that. When I throw 1.6mill on a trader, that money is gone. When I put 5k in a guild I'm a part of, I never expect anything back but maybe a chance to sell at their stall. I feel kind of sad for someone who would have to make money like this. Maybe they are feeding their kids and families.

    Dummy guilds would be semi-useless if they used your solution. They could sell guild leadership of the dummy guilds instead, passing out the chance to sell out of a small guild at a primo location. A ton of people are guild hoppers- I could see this as the future of the issue at hand. Where there is a will, there's a way.

    You sound like you're worried about losing bids to dummy guilds if yoy don'the want then to be able to change hands. Someone could just go to the stupid sites to buy eso gold, use that to buy enough gold for a trader, and boom. Whether they sell guild stalls or gold, that part will be unstoppable and will always effect the game.

    What about dummy guilds who bid in a lesser spot in case they miss their own bid? What if they are selling those for eso gold, not real life money?
    Edited by VampiricByNature on May 13, 2016 9:32AM
  • OrphanHelgen
    auction house would solve it all XD
    Edited by OrphanHelgen on May 13, 2016 9:29AM
    PC, EU server, Ebonheart Pact

    Finally a reason not to play League of Legends
  • VampiricByNature
    I think this is a result of guilds fearing a bid loss. Members are not always loyal in traders.

    Maybe they could make it so that a guild could bid in multiple stalls. Then, one guild could show their store in more than one city. It wouldn't be fake guilds- it would give your main guilds a chance to put down a "just in case" too.

    Might take away the supply-demand issue. The only reason. They can sell traders is because people want to buy them.
    Edited by VampiricByNature on May 13, 2016 10:01AM
  • outsideworld76
    Who gives a [snip], let ZOS fix the server lag. Anything else is irrelevant imo.

    [Edit to remove censor bypass.]
    Edited by ZOS_GregoryV on May 19, 2016 8:38PM
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