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Crimson Deathguard [AD] [PvP] [PvE] [Trader] [Late Night]

Crimson Deathguard

Are you looking for an active guild? Are you looking for players to run with on the regular? Are you wanting to take you game to the next level? If you answered yes to any of these questions. Then Crimson Deathguard is looking for you.

Crimson Deathguard isn’t just a guild, it is family. We practice fun, friendly, and exciting enviroment!

What we offer;

-Active Events
-Guild Bank
-Guild Trader (Coming soon, 50 members isn’t hard to get)
-Fun Enviroment
-Late Night Play
-Active Leadership

On Xbox Live
-Active Events on CDG Classics (Other games)
-Network of gamers
-Servers to play on

-Have a Mic
-Be Active
-Engage with CDG Members
-Register with CDG on Website
-Download and use Discord - Chat for Gamers
-Be friendly
-Use Common Sense

**There are no requirements for you to be a commoner**

Ranks for CDG

Crimson King - Owner

Hand of the King - Second in Command

Duke - Over a CDG Division

Lord - Second to a Duke

Reaper - Acts a sergeant in the CDG. They help lead, plan events, recruit, etc for our Deathguardians. They are assigned an X amount of Deathguardians to manage, and plan events for.

Deathguardians - The Member rank of CDG as a whole. You must meet the requirements for this rank. Please contact Deathplea91, xNOTxJAKE596, Stormy Claws, or YoBro94 for assistance.

Commoner (ESO Only) - Apart of the Crimson Deathguard guild on ESO. Although not apart of CDG as a whole.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns can be placed here on thread or reach out to YoBro94.

You can also check the website at
Edited by Crimsoniic on April 22, 2016 9:00PM
  • Crimsoniic
    Due to the unforeseen technical difficulties between Xbox Live and ESO Servers the event has been cancelled.
  • ixi_xta_c_ixi
    Soul Shriven
  • Crimsoniic
    No, we are still recruiting.
  • MancandyMcDong
    Mancandy McLong
    GamerTag- Mancandy McLong

    I may be a Bosmer, but I'm hung like a Redguard.
  • Crimsoniic
    Mancandy McLong

    Invitation has been sent.
  • suzestia
    Soul Shriven
  • Crimsoniic
    We now have 12 members, which has led to the Guild Bank, and Tabard! Rank of Soldier, and above now have access to the Guild Bank. Congratulations Aldmeri Deathguard!
  • Legend Of Chuck
    Legend Of Chuck
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Legend of Chuck
  • Crimsoniic
    Still looking for members!
  • wh1t3crayon
    Soul Shriven
    gt: wh1t3crayon
  • Kuso719
    Gt KusoRagnarth
  • Tida2Yuna
    Would like to join.GT: oreri7kit
  • ZOS_GregoryV

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  • Vercingetorix
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    “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
  • mizchiv
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Mizchiv
  • Sakriem
    Hello! Active, dedicated, and relatively new to ESO gamer here. Level 18 Mágicka Sorcerer In AD. Looking to boost myself to VR's as soon as I can in order to be of help to the guild.

    Gametag: Sakriem

    I look forward joining the ranks!
  • IMasterMario
    Gt is IMasterMario
  • Crimsoniic

    I do apologize for the late response. We left Elder Scrolls for a little bit. However, we are back now! Back and Better than ever!

    Recruitment is open.
  • kaylangrove22
    Soul Shriven
    GT feralfleshflute
  • Ultix
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, I wanted to join!

    GT: UltiXF92
  • Crimsoniic
    Awesome! Will send invites!
  • ZOS_DaryaK
    We're closing this thread at the OP's request. :)
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