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Digital artist needed for an eso project

Hey there,

Disclaimer: i am typing this all on my new G5 mobile without english spelling check, have to fix that. So excuse moi for any errors and or make up shizzle.

My name is Rhomark, well at least in the ESO universe that is, and i got a problem which needs fixin'.

Are you that digital artist the world needs right now? Are you able to let others experiance the beauty of ESO through your digital masterpieces. Are you the next Van Gogh or the new Rembrandt of our age?

We all have the best mobile phone in the world, be it an iphone, android or windows. For you its the best phone in the world. You spent hours upon hours on it.

And if you are like me, i love to have cool backgrounds. But not those pesky ones which are simple screenshots which i can make for myself, or those wallpapers that needs access to EVERYTHING on my phone; why does a wallpaper needs access to my contacts, wireless info, system, etc etc.

That is were you best of the best come in!!

I want you to make the best, the most immersive LIVE wallpaper there is for ESO available for android, iphone and windows.
Think of the amazing scenery, a warm fireplace for the cold nights, or slowly stalking a target that needs to be taken care of. Your creativity here has no boundries. Its carte blanche, the never ending greenfields. Be the first one who can pave the roads for others to follow, but you are no mere follower you are leading us to the next phase of immersion!

I looked into the playstore and i found not one Live Wallpaper for ESO. Iphone i am not sure and i dont have a windows mobile.

Reward? Never ending honour and appriciation for all of us and if you are the best of the best you can even ask money for the live wallpaper, like 0.99, a few thousand downloads and you are practically belong to the 1% happy rich. But that is not you, you are doing this to enrich your digital art portfolio to test your creativity and yourself.

And maybe...maybe...if they are smart overthere ar ESO marketing they endorse your work and if you are that fantastic they might even hire you as a digital artist.

Cheers, Rhomark and dont forget to say hi ingame to me. I am on the EU server.
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