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Charity Case — A vignette for one of many Vestiges.

You may have seen this before on the kmeme or AO3, but given as I only recently realized there was a place to post fiction here too, here it is again.

“Bless your soul, kind stranger,” said the ragged Khajiit, tucking away the bag of coins someplace Kaylaneth couldn’t see. Given what he was dressed in, she was baffled about where it could have gone.

The Bosmer smiled, adjusting her shield so it sat a little more comfortably on her back. She wondered, just a moment, about telling him there was no soul to bless, not anymore, that it belonged to a Daedric Prince now and she had almost given up in her quest to retrieve it. But, she thought, the Khajiit was either going to think she was deceitful or get the wrong impression.

Though, she supposed she didn’t look very dangerous, not here in the land of her giant cousins the Altmer, and that alone worked in her benefit. Never let the enemy be right, she could hear her mother say even now. They must always either overestimate or underestimate, and for us, dear one, it is a boon to be looked past. Kaylaneth had lived those words her entire life, training in secret to surprise her enemies with her ferocity and skill just as they thought she would be an easy target.

“I am honored, and glad to give. I will keep an eye out for your possessions. Swift justice shall come to those who steal.”

The Khajiit beggar gulped, seemingly unaware how his fear shone on his face. Yes, Kaylaneth had seen right through him. But, if he was desperate enough to beg from passing adventurers, she did not mind giving a few coins. Still, she couldn’t help but remind him that, whatever her part in this, to lie for coin was stealing as well.

She nodded her farewell and strode on, the brilliant red-leafed trees shading the path to Skywatch. She did not look back. Ayrenn and Razum-dar, her Queen and her friend, were counting on her.

For the glory of the Dominion, she thought. For my soul.
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  • menedhyn
    Very well written. There's so much going on in those few paragraphs, but I want more! I'm intrigued...
    'Pure rains make sweet rivers'
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