Log-In Issue *With Temporary Solution*

Since Wrothgar, Ps4 users will occasionally experience a bug that prevents them from logging in and kicks them back to the main screen when they attempt a log in after a very long loading screen. To log back in, you have to go to the PS4 System Storage and delete ESO settings data. This will not your delete your characters, and should be a 10mb file. It will prompt you to choose server and readjust brightness/screen settings.
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  • grass-assassin
    this usually hapens in cyrodiil because the servers never could and still cannot handle the people on them ... everything freezes then it boots you then you try relog get long wait screen fail to connect to server .. like really why is it so hard to fix your game you want people to play and pay then why not make the game work ? maybe before you bring more bs dlc that just piles up more issues ...
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