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The Rogue Tailor (Tales of Luke Minhere)


The khajit was tabby color, and his fur looked almost patchy. He did not have any missing or bare spots, but the way the hair grew made some spots thicker than others. The hair on his head was even stranger, as it was combed similar to a humans, with a part in the middle. It was obvious that looks was not his concern. He wore a plain leather jerkin that hugged his body tight, causing the fur to tuft at the neckline and arm line. He wore no other armor on his upper body, and simple leather leggings that went to his calves on his lower body. His tail swished in the back of him, making him almost appear nervous. Or at least non-Khajit's would possibly think that. They would also think the three "cat people" were standing in the ruins of this unknown camp silent, but truth be told, subtle movements, tail twitches, even a look, was conversation.

Luke looked the three over from the trail leading up to rocky encampment. He did not trust them, but he had need of them all the same. He was flanked by his two body guards, Brin and Monica. Luke was in much contrast to the two. His silk doublet was rose patterned, his pristine white long sleeve shirt a stark contrast, with a red cloak that whipped in the wind time to time. On the other hand, Brin and Marcy were dressed for war, oh so Luke teased them. Brin had a mixture of heavy armor and soft leathers, his breast plate made of steel. Marcy was in leathers, preferring the freedom it offered her. Brin was a big Nord that carried a heavy headed axe. Marcy's long, thin two handed sword, hung from her back, dangling in way that obviously was meant for quick access. Her features were Breton, but she was a bit darker than most alluding to other blood, making for an exotic mixture.
"You two look way too serious, stop glaring at them," Luke said low, offering a big handsome smile as they approached the khajits.
Brin and Marcy looked to one another, not sure what the boss was talking about. Both, unbeknownst to the other, thought they were smiling polite enough. Both figured Luke meant the other, and did not change their expression at all as they looked back to the khajit.

Eyebad looked back down to Luke. His subtle movements told his dark furred companions, khajit litter brothers, to watch the body guards. He would keep his nose on Luke, who was known to be quite the rogue in these parts. The product he had could get him killed, if any found out he had it. It came from Cyrodiil, which meant it was outlawed. However, the trade would be worth it, if the rogue came through with his promise. This caused Eyebad to thoughtlessly lick his lips.

"Eyebad," Luke called to the khajit. His name was no reflection on his eyes, it was that the khajit only seemed to see the bad in the world, or so Luke was told.
"The man Luke has brought the product?"
"That I did old friend, that I did," Luke said, but made no move to show Eyebad anything. For a moment the two just looked to one another, Luke with his smile, Eyebad with seemingly no expression. His companions, however, could see that he was quite impatient.
"This khajit has done his job as the man asked, yet, the man seems to look this khajit over as if my paws are dirty," Eyebad said, showing the inside of his pawed hands. "No claws on this trade, Luke."
"No claws on this trade Eyebad," Luke said, his smile fading some.
The khajit brothers looked to one another, then back to the tailor's body guards. Both shrugged and walked away to their camp fire, seemingly to have been dismissed by some subtle movement of Eyebad.
"See, no claws," he repeated.
Luke nodded to Marcy and Brin, and they stepped back down the path some, but still kept a close eye on their boss. They looked passed to the khajit now sitting at the fire, seemingly uninterested in the trade anymore.
Luke pulled a small bag from his belt, and tossed it to Eyebad, who caught it with ease. He carefully untied the leather string and looked inside.
"It's pure, very pure, and very condensed. You have to cut that 10 times at least," Luke said.
"The man thinks he knows more than Eyebad about the sugar, but you are assured this is what we know," Eyebad said.
With a move from Eyebad, that Luke could not see, one of the other khajit, who otherwise showed no signs of watching them, got up and grabbed a simple crate and brought it to them. He placed it between Luke and Eyebad, and walked back to the camp, again appearing uninterested in what was happening. Luke looked into the crate, the hinges the only sound as they slightly creaked. Luke's eyes lit up, and this time it was the rogue's turn to lick his lips. He slammed the crate shut, looking to the khajit.
"If any knew you got this, and any knew how I got this," Luke began, but did not finish.
"Is Eyebad a fool," Eyebad said, more than asked.
Luke motioned for Marcy and Brin, who came up the path and took the crate. They then headed to their horses.
"I think we both are, but we got what we wanted. It was fine doing business with such an upstanding...." Luke began but did not finish. The khajit was done, and was walking to his camp, showing no more interest in the humans.

Brin and Marcy put the crate down as their boss was talking to the khajit.
"His trust in that one will get him killed," Marcy said, watching to make sure no one harmed their boss.
"What do you suppose he traded for," Brin asked, opening the lid.
"Brin, that is none of your business," Marcy said, though she strained her own neck to see in the crate as Brin looked in.
Brin made a face, then looked a bit disappointed as he stared at his boss, who was walking back to them as if he just bought the world with moon sugar.
"SILK!!!" Marcy said, seemingly revolted by the thought.

"Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
"Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
"That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • Krist
    "So now you are dealing in narcotics?" Marcy asked, looking Luke over a bit. She almost seemed disgusted, but Luke knew Marcy did far worse things to people with her blade than the moon sugar would do to the khajit.

    "Not really. The sugar was stolen when I stole it back," Luke laughed, looking up over his big desk in the back room of his shop. "I provided a service to the cat men, and they paid me for that service."
    "So you are telling me Badeye has good intentions with the sugar, Luke?"
    "Eyebad, and he is khajit. What you think of as a bad narcotic they see as, well, something different. I have no idea what they think the stuff is, but it doesn't do to them what it would to us."
    Marcy looked her boss over again, searching for signs that he was being dishonest with her. She knew him well enough to at least tell when he was holding something back, but in this case it did not appear so.
    "Marcy might be worried about the khajit, but my question is who did you steal it from," Brin chimed in, though he never looked over to Luke or Marcy, he simply sat on a small foot stool and cleaned his nails with his small dagger, leaning his broad back against the wall.
    "Now that is the question," Luke said, once again flashing a handsome smile.
    Brin looked up now. He asked the question but did not expect an answer. The fact was he did not really care, and knowing his boss as he did, he was waiting on Luke to say something flippant such as "for me to know and you to find out". However, Luke sounded and looked as if he was about to actually tell them. This was more concerning to Brin than had Luke been evasive.

    "It was a bright night, the moon was full, making me think that a werewolf would jump out at any time...."

    "Stop, just tell us what happened Luke. I don't want the poets version," Marcy scowled, but Brin was already sitting back waiting for Luke to go on. He actually liked Luke's tales.

    "As I was saying, it was a bright night so it made it easy for me to get around. It also made plenty of shadows for me to use as I made my way to Lady Belle's room in the inn. She was only passing through for the night, and sent message that I meet her. Her husband is not exactly a, uhm, caring man, and she knew I was quite discreet in my encounters, so of course I assumed she wished see me. I mean really, why not, right"

    Marcy rolled her eyes and groaned.
    "Stop it Marcy, let him finish. Go on Luke," Brin said, a grin on his face.

    "I was wrong. She had a khajit with her. He was well groomed and had the manners of a noble. Lady Belle told me that his caravan was attacked by some ruffians outside of Daggerfell, the leader wearing a black patch on his eye. They had guards, but the bandits were very resilient and strong. They went into a frenzy of sorts, much like Nords and Orcs do. They could have taken gold and many other items of value, but they focused on the moon sugar. It was very pure, and the man with the patch on his eye said he could smell it from miles away. The khajit said he understands human exaggeration, but this was not exactly it. No one knew the moon sugar was with him, yet the bandit went straight to it. The humans became so enthralled by the sugar, that the khajit escaped."

    "So what did this have to do with you boss," Brin asked sincerely.

    "I am getting to that. I was given the job to track down the sugar for them before it got distributed. They did not care about the narcotic aspect of it, or what it would have done to the people, they just wanted it back. I have a feeling Lady Belle may partake time to time. I was promised the silk from Cyrodiil if I retrieved it. I don't know if Belle had it or the khajit, but I suspect the khajit did. Of course I took the job! Cyrodiil ancestor silk is quite rare right now, and with trade being forbidden, well, impossible for most to get. That makes it quite expensive for someone who has it already, or who can actually find a way to get some without breaking laws, or, someone who can get some and not get caught breaking laws. Either way, I wanted it."

    "Now Brin, guess who had the sugar," Luke said, looking to his body guard.
    Brin thought a moment.
    "They tell you what his sword looked like?"
    Luke grinned. Brin put people in categories based on what weapon they carried.
    "A short sword with an ivory hilt."
    "Hickim," Brin said matter of factly.
    Luke grinned and nodded.
    "Hikim?! Are you crazy Luke? Those are not forgiving people," Marcy said, obviously worried for her boss.

    "Relax, they have no idea it was me. I knew I had to move fast because they would not be staying in one spot for long. You remember that Breton healer Hikim uses that had the crush on me? Turns out she still does. I promised her next weekend she would have me all to herself, and she was happy to help me return the stolen property. Obviously they would be calling for a healer after a battle, and my plan worked out perfectly. While she was working on Hikim I stole into their camp and searched for the goods. They didn't much hide it, but more than that, not many in the camp was up for a fight. They were acting very weird, and once I saw the sugar, I knew why. Pure and condensed. The fools should have been dead, but instead they were shaking and talking and arguing with whatever their sugar blown minds was telling them was in front of them. I never even saw Hikim, as Natalie kept him busy tending his wounds and whatever else he wanted. If Hikim did partake of the sugar, his mind will be so gone he wont be looking for anyone. If he did not, he wont know how pure it was and seeing his gang will assume they used it all without him. Either way, free and clear!"

    "Well, not bad?" Luke asked the two. Brin just nodded, he was pretty easy going with everything. While Brin was a smart man, he simply did not worry over the big picture.
    Marcy on the other hand always worried.
    "Not bad? You always say that Luke Minhere then Brin and me have to keep you alive until we get rid of whatever problem you caused yourself."
    "That is what I pay you for dear," Luke said with a handsome smile.
    Brin laughed and nodded along, fully agreeing.

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    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
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