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Baby Face Bananas [EU-PC] PvE progress raiding guild

Soul Shriven

Who are we?
Baby Face Bananas is a PvE guild for progress raids and open raids. We are currently trying to get back into shape to compete with other guilds for top scores. Our core group is currently working on completing vMoL, we cleared vmol. We are currently recruiting DD and tanks.
  • Open raids on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Raids start at 19:30 CET
  • Solid build, Vr16 and cp capped
  • Be willing to learn and improve
  • Be mature
  • Able to listen and talk in English on TS

If you are interested contact @TeusvanOosterom, @Inovil or @User4.
Edited by TeusvanOosterom on April 17, 2016 9:58PM
  • Seiryn_Aerith
    A little update on how far we have gotten on the last boss of vMoL:
    -we got it down to 30% HP
    -have completed a full cicle
    -seen the synergyphase
    -done another quarter circle

    Wrong, we just killed it :) (17th of april, 2016)

    So if you feel like archiving that kill... don't wait, just join Baby Face Banans today! :)
    Edited by Seiryn_Aerith on April 18, 2016 12:49AM
    Wheeled - PC EU Guild
    Bing Bong on Wheeltube
  • Jessy1981
    Let's get some more shiny gold jewelry ;)
  • rosy_ariete
    A little question: are you mainly on Aldmeri faction?
  • TeusvanOosterom
    Soul Shriven
    Yes, pretty much everyone has AD chars. However since cross faction trials it doesn't really matter anymore.
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