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Will there be a way to toggle player name/account name in the future?

Soul Shriven
I am a very big fan of the elder scrolls universe and am really enjoying the game but every time I run into a player and see their name as xXBlahBlah230Xx, it really breaks the immersion of the game for me.

Also, I don't like the fact that other players cannot see what I named my character in the game.

When I play elder scrolls, I want to lose myself in its fantastic world. But the game chooses to not allow me to go to that deeper level of immersion by reminding me that I'm a PSN player and all these other people are PSN players, not characters inhabiting Tamriel.

I am very jealous of pc players who get to see character names instead of their account names. I also envy them for their ability to text chat.

FFXIV has text chat and shows character names instead of account names. Every single mmo on ps4 shows your character names.

Will this issue ever be addressed in the future? Or total immersion a feature exclusive to pc fans of Elder Scrolls?
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