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Looking to return, but some questions I just can't get answered

Dear ESO players,

I've been thinking about returning to the game but there is a very simple quesion I just can't get answered. It is about the DLC that came out and is comming out. I've searched the internet but the only information about the specific content.

What i would like to know is the following. I've always played ESO on my 2 characters. One was a Mage and the other a heavy armor wearing Tank (templar). So how does this fit into the thieves guild ? I mean I don't see this characters sneaking around, nor do I will to change the build and armor just to do this quests.

For example is there nothing else to do for players that don't want to be a thief ? Would I be missing out on content ? I've always felt the other guild (at launch) where a bit more general and would fit all classes and lore ideas.But following the information I found they place it as "everyone should be a thief, sneak around and wear medium armor".

Am I missing something here ? if someone could provide some more insight that would be more then great !
  • AntMan100673
    I've done it all on my character wearing 2 heavy and 5 light no problem. Wearing medium would just make it slightly easier, as would being a vampire (with the skill to sneak at normal speed), or wearing an armour set to allow you to sneak at normal speed.
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  • Septimus_Magna
    You can do the sneaky content if you make a 5pc Night Silence set in medium but its not really necessary.
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  • Magdalina
    As far as I understand you can do the content, game-wise, in any type of armor and as any class. Lore/immersion-wise now...yeah, basically it just might not be a DLC for you. I personally don't like stealing/murdering on my chars so I haven't bought TG myself ;)

    From what I gather though, TG isn't a very huge DLC. I don't think you'd miss out too much by not playing it.
  • NBrookus
    I did the TG quest on my main DK tank toon. There are very few instances where you just can't kill your way - then there's Blue Entoloma + Columbine + Namira's Rot

    For the TG grind quests, pickpocketing and such, having the old Legerdemain skill line leveled up gives you what you need. Except heists, and you don't HAVE to do those. Maybe those are doable to; I did one but did not get the speed bonus.

    But skipping TG altogether, you wouldn't miss much. The delves are kinda fine.

    Testing DB on PTS, I haven't (and won't) do the main quest. I could only get so far with the new world bosses solo, but they are looking like they are going to be a lot of fun for small groups. Kind of like mini DSA rounds.
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