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Viscous Death Denial

Running a tanky, little less than 30K health.

Very clear 1 v 1 battle no one else in sight anywhere for miles......
4 hits (wrecking blow) x3, 1 heavy attack.... all about 5K....
then Viscious Death goes off for 12K.
This wasn't a fast blurry battle, it was crystal clear. This isn't a UI thing, I clearly died from VD.

Actually looked like I had about a quarter of my health bar, was just getting ready to heal and boom.?

Either change the wording to say "may proc at anytime" or fix this garbage, but quit saying VD is working as advertised.
  • psychotic13
    You said you had a video on another thread, upload it.
  • Tryxus
    That's old news, @Sheey has alrdy proven that


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