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Can I get my 37k AP that I missed because your game broke?

I was battling an hour long battle at Fort Aleswell in the Scourge campaign to retrieve a scroll from the Daggerfall Covenant for Ebonheart Pact. Really fun and everything, especially since it took so long and ALL alliances were there all freaking day. AND Ebonheart won! By the time the battle was finished, everyone that was there ended up getting 37,000 AP points at the end. Really awesome!

Except everyone was lagging so hard and disconnected several times, myself included. Couldn't log back in for 5 minutes at a time during this fight because the game crashed so hard. And CONVENIENTLY I disconnected and stayed that way while everyone got their 37,000 AP for a battle that I was present for all day.

Really awesome and everything that Ebonheart is coming back and came out on top in that battle- but the fact that I missed out on that great reward ruined the whole thing.

I'm really hoping you guys can do something about this. Like giving me that 37,000 AP that I deserve for a fight I was in all day but missed because your game broke. It would be something else if it were 6,000 AP, i could ignore that. But not 37,000 AP. I don't know how you guys can fix this, but i just want that AP. And maybe a fix for the servers. Thanks for your time.
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  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    Nope. Zos does not restore things you didn't get / lost to server hickups. Some time ago you could loose your drops when you crashed in a dungeon and Zos didn't restore divines Kena Helmets / Spell Power Cure parts, so I doubt they will care about something that is as easy to get as 37k ap.
  • Vaoh
    You will crash when participating in zergy fights much more than when you don't. Try to avoid them if you want to avoid crashing with the best results. That's how ESO works.

    Surely you can make 37K AP in an hour, so it's honestly not much of a loss.

    I've gone to the Imperial Sewers to fight zergs solo. Lost 5K Tel Var Stones yesterday because the game froze while battling a group. THAT is something worth complaining about, but again, it'll lead to nothing.

    If we stopped participating in massive fights that ESO clearly cannot sufficiently handle, you'd find that you will only rarely crash in Cyrodiil. Imperial City crashes/freezes often and consistently even if dead empty of players.
    Edited by Vaoh on April 28, 2016 3:34AM
  • Bofrari
    Working as intended / no eta on fix. But they are improving it all constantly.
  • EvoAZN
    I was there. I DC'ed due to a loading screen when the wall was fixed. i set up 2 camps. Its total BS. Only thing Im going to do differently now is to never fix walls after we defeat the enemy in big fights.
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