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Bosses immune in Vaerminas Gambit and Amputating The Hand!!!!

Soul Shriven
So I've already sent out a report for Vaerminas Gambit. I would hit king Emeric once and his health would go all the way down and it would say target is immune. He also can''t do any damage to me. There is no way for me to complete that quest. After I submitted the ticket someone responded a few days later and told me to do things I already did. I've shut off my ps4 for 5-10 mins and signed back in. Still Immune. I've abandoned the quest and started over, he's still immune. Ive even deleted the saved data on the ps4 for elder scrolls online and reinstalled it. After an hour of reinstalling it I've signed back in and yea.... still Immune! I am also running into the same problem with the final boss in the "amputating the hand" quest in Alikir Desert. After one hit, the bosses health goes all the way down, and it says they are immune and they also can't do any damage to me. In the email it says if none of those things work then to submit yet another bug report in the game! Am I going around in circles? am I going to get yet another email telling me to do those same things that I've already stated I've done and not get to talk with any person about it? I also know that my friend who plays is having the exact same issue. I've submitted another report but fear I am going in a circle!
  • wsxcd4b16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Have the same problem. Can someone explain and/or fix this?
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