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cannot join group or invite players to group anymore

I have a game breaking problem with my main character:
Name "Balticblue", account "BalticBlues", EU server:

1. The character cannot join a group anymore (players inviting me get "already in group")
2. The character cannot invite players to a group anymore
3. The character cannot use group finder anymore (incident 160414-001260)

The game obviously thinks this character already is in a group.
Because group play is not possible anymore, the character now is totally isolated.
Because of this bug I only can play by my own - in an MMO!
(However, only my main character is affected, my 6 alts can group as usual.)

Hint for developers: the problem came up when
the group finder probably inserted me into 2 groups:
A. I queued up for a random dungeon
B. I received the activity notification about a dungeon to start
C. The group finder transferred me to the dungeon and the activity started
D. I suddenly received another notification about another dungeon to start
E. The group finder then transfered me to the 2nd dungeon and the activity started
F. The first group this way probably was never cleared.

This is a game breaking bug. Please report it to the developers.
My theory: Sometimes the server/network is not very responsive.
Then players hit the button again... and again... until they see a reaction.
Perhaps this way I was able to somehow trigger the group finder two times...
Solution: On triggering, the group finder should create a lock to avoid triggering again.

Current state_ I waited for many hours, but the problem does not go away. Please help and remove my main character "Balticblue" from the invisible group it currently is in, so that I can play with my friends again.

Edited by BalticBlues on April 15, 2016 9:29AM
  • BalticBlues
    The BAD:
    Support could not help at all, as always sending nonsense answers, closing tickets.
    The support for this game still is a catastrophe
    Consequence: I could not play my main character for one full week.

    The GOOD:
    After yesterday's server maintenance, the problem is gone.
    The server maintenance removed the invisible group my character was in trapped in.
    Consequence: I finally can play my main character again.
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