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Imperial Sewers freeze

Unplayable right now. Every time I am in AD end of the sewers the game freeze screens. Sound continues, friends continue. Why is it only me and why is it after the patch? Oh yeah that's right this always happens after patches. Thanks for charging another $X and not fixing issues prior to release. Look forward to seeing the next patch notes.

Does anyone else have the issue? It seems to be in the exact same spots also...
XB1 NA server
  • xray33
    Soul Shriven
    Yesterday evening my screen was stucked 3 times in imperial sewers not so far from daggerfall base. XB1 EU.
  • Kris_wbg
    I had the same issue twice tonight on Xbox na very close to blue base. Screen completely froze on me but still could here my friend in group. Had to close game out and log back in.
  • Dr34dly
    Yes im having the same problems ! Started after the patch. um on XB1 EU AD. It seems to happen everytime im going through the tunnel after the first boss on AD side (Hzu-Hakan) and in the next area near the ladder to the temple district it happens occasionally. For some reason the tunnel has been a major problem for me, i just logged on to character spawned in the tunnel where i left of the other day cus it froze, ran back to kill the mobs and boss, tried to proceed and froze ib the tunnel again.

    Is it a certain area for you too ? Or does it look random ?
  • Kris_wbg
    The most frequent freeze spot for me at the moment would have to be the first tunnel when you walk into the ep base from the sewers.
  • Sleep724
    Its not just sewers. Temple district has been freezing up on me every 10 minutes so I have to quit the game then log back in and hope an enemy player doesn't get an easy kill take all my telvar stones.

    Edit: Check that. Just happened again and was barely 5 minutes before it froze again.
    Edited by Sleep724 on April 8, 2016 12:55AM
  • EMSTAR64
    Soul Shriven
    Same here with the Temple District.... 3 freezes on the same corner of the map
  • saps101
    3 freezes in 20 mins XB1 EU
    For the love of God, fix group finder.

    Xbox EU

    o Slaughterer x
  • heyewe
    Just an update.

    Froze tonight in Imperial City Temple district AND twice in Arena district. My teammates as well, like some sort of round robin freeze/disconnect all the way back to the Xbox one green loading screen. Just now, froze and had to reboot in Belkarth. This time however, Before it crashed I couldn't switch weapons bars and it kept telling me "you can't mount here" so I knew something was wrong....
  • Vaoh
    PS4. Extreme amounts of freezing here as well. Same with everyone else I have spoken too.

    Really a big problem.
    Edited by Vaoh on April 17, 2016 2:33AM
  • Sleep724
    I uninstalled/reinstalled the game and it actually cut down on the freezing. However this still needs more attention from Zos.
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