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Call to Arms: Heaven's Call [PS4 NA RP]

A Call to Arms: Heaven's Call

To all of ye of ye Third Estate whom ignored of ye blessings of a capricious fate do seek fortune within Tamriel. In ye rugged lands betwixt Cyrodil and Skyrim, sits ye forgotten realm of mine forefathers: Irr'neamh, or in ye common tongue, Heaven's Call. I beseech ye whom desires to assist in reclaming mine realm of birthright. Yet, it shall be perilous undertaking and few shall be expected to survive, but for thy sacrifice, ye shall be honored land and titles, which mine and mine heirs to come shall honor till ye end of time.

If thou are enticed feel free to seek me out.

-Naus Tirian, Heir to Heaven

"And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
  • jarnkoldur

    The creased parchment, weathered and torn, warily clung to the board. If it wasn't for the sharpened piece of iron which tamed the sheet into place it would have flitted away with the first passing breeze.

    Yet, it wasn't that deplorable announcment which caught your eye...

    No, it was the rather recently posted advertistment for a roaming Order of entertainers: performers, dancers, orators, musicians, etc.

    The message simple read:

    Hark, ye good folks come forth to witness wonders grand and beauties rare as ye troupe known as the Order of Vagrant Hounds journeys to thy province.

    Beneath, scribbled in red ink, was another hastily written message: -Seeking Talent
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    "And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
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