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Vampires Without Borders - spreading the gift across Tamriel

Soul Shriven
So what't this all about?

As many of you know becoming a Vampire can be a tedious, lengthy and sometimes expensive process. That's why I founded this guild, with the hope of gathering helpful Vampire players who are willing to share the gift with other players and the alt characters of fellow guild members.

What we are looking for

Anyone really. We accept players of all colors and creeds. Are you a player who isnt't a Vampire? No problem! We will put you on our waiting list and one of our members will bite you at the earliest opportunity. Or are you a player that already has one or several Vampire characters? All the better! The only real criteria that we have is that you as a guild members are willing to spread the gift of Vampirism for free.

Where are we based?

Currently only in the Daggerfall Covenant. If this endeavour gains momentum expansion into the other alliances is of course entirely possible

Our numbers

25 members strong by now so we have access to a guild bank.

How to contact us

You can leave a message here in this thread, you can leave something in my inbox or you can send a mail to @Mandiach to reach me ingame
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  • ScotteYx
    Hey. I'm a member of Priests of Hircine which aims to do a similar thing which you want to achieve as werewolves, except we ensure that our members give only free bites.

    Anyway, I can't join given I am a WW, but I wish you luck with this guild. Any member of the TES community trying to help people become a vampire with reduced risk of being scammed/ripped off, gets a thumbs up from me.

    Good luck! :smile:
  • ShadowscaleSithis
    If this is on PC and NA server add Shadowscale Sithis to your friends. I am maxed out in guilds, but will give a bite for your Dominion peeps when I have it ready.
  • Mandiach
    Soul Shriven
    Yeah i've seen you guys on the forum. Offering free bites with over 380 members is both admirable and impressive.
    Anyways thanks for your comment mate and keep up the good work.

    I'm currently only on the EU megaserver but if i should start playing on the NA server i'll send you a mail.
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