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Orsinium in LEGO

I've been busy again lately and tried to put as many typical Orsinium characteristics as possible in one LEGO creation.
I hope you like it.

You can find more pictures, details and discriptions here and on the 3 following pages.
  • Turelus
    Awesome! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
    "Don't count on others for help. In the end each of us is in this alone. The survivors are those who know how to look out for themselves."
  • Elloa
    That's really great! Nicely done!
  • olsborg
    Colour me impressed!
    Altmer Sorceror, magicka
    Bosmer Nightblade, stamina.
    Imperial Templar, stamina
    Redguard Warden, stamina

    Aldmeri Dominion!
    PC EU
    PvP only
  • Vigarr
    Nice. You should link up with the Lego Skyrim guy-
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