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Game crash multiple times in Wrothgar (Orsinium) after Theives Guild DLC

After I downloaded the TG my game would crash when I'm 20 seconds into the game. I can play fine anywhere else but when it come to Orsinium it's practically unplayable. The only work around is to wait for the game to render and stop every few paces just to keep the game from crashing. Any fix to this would be most appreciated.
  • Jailbirdy
    It was bad before, but, you are correct, it seems an almost unplayable area on the Xbox.
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  • DinOwned
    I have a similar experience in Orsinium on Xbox. It's only crashed a couple of times but it's now extremely laggy with horrible frame rate issues ever since the Thieves Guild release. It was bad before, it's absolute terrible now.
  • Malsidius
    This is no surprise here...I've been having a ton of issues today with lag, and crashing. The best things that seems to work for me is to get out of Wrothgar as soon as possible.
  • Smitch_59
    If I didn't have to go to Wrothgar to turn in my daily provisioning writ I wouldn't go there at all. Crashes at least once a day while I'm there.
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  • Methadone_Man
    The city of Wrothgar has alway been a crash-fest for me, even before the patch. About 1 out of 3 times I load in, I get a freeze and have to reboot. And then when I reboot in, it sometimes is all pink and purple.
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  • makeyurself
    Since TG Wrothgar has been pretty terrible to get around, but it is really bad for my V8 EP/NA Crafter. It feels almost impossible to travel around there with him, writs, dailies, etc. This morning I have crashed 3 or 4 times already and it's only 10:25am Eastern. I don't like to complain but when there are a multiple things to do daily and you have multiple characters the frustration builds.

    I love this game, it's my escape, my entertainment, my creative fun (I love making characters) I just want to be able to play when I have the time to sit down. I just hope to see it all resolved soon.
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